The Riccardo Patrese Website

I created this website, my first, in 1999 as a tribute to the Italian racing driver. It was the first website about his career and has since been authorised by Riccardo as his official website. 

The site has been hosted on numerous platforms over the years including Geocities and Moonfruit, and has been built in FrontPage and Wordpress. It is now managed using Squarespace.

I first began combining the site with social media in 2010 with a Twitter account and this was followed with a Facebook page and Instagram. Each of these has proved very effective at growing the number of visitors to the site and has created a community of Patrese fans around the world. Riccardo occasionally responds to comments and questions on the Facebook page, further enhancing engagement, and I am looking to develop social media further while continuing to improve the website.


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Lorenzo Patrese

This is a new site, created with cooperation from the Patrese family, which is under development to showcase the burgeoning career of the young Italian sportsman Lorenzo Patrese, son of Riccardo.

I'm looking forward to seeing how Lorenzo's career develops while developing the website to support his progress.


SEO Concierge

I have been delighted to work with SEO International Ltd on a new website for their 'Concierge' publication. They had previously published two issues but wanted a new site to showcase their Monaco 2018 edition prior to the Monaco Grand Prix taking place at the end of May. 

The deadline was tight and initially 'Concierge Monaco 2018' was to be sold utilising Issuu and this was to be embedded on the new website. However, requirements changed and this meant the creation of an online store where the magazine could be purchased directly. This was a learning process, and took much testing, but it was implemented within the required timescales.


Sussex Downs College

I first began by updating one area on the College website while working with one particular team, then moved to working on the whole site with content additions and design. The site has recently (March 2018) moved from the Wordpress platform to ProcessWire, and I also oversee the College social media accounts.


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Sussex Downs College Job Shop

Not so much a website, more a blog. Job Shop was an idea a couple of us thought up, and which was given the green light by a forward-thinking manager, a number of years ago to offer students a jobs board advertising vacancies from employers the College was working with. It was the starting point for what was intended to be a more wide ranging employability service, and we were one of the first Colleges to create such a service. Vacancies were, and continue to be, shared via social media.

The original intentions to engage both employers and students to the benefit of all have somewhat been lost over the years and the future is uncertain, but thousands of vacancies and views later it is still online and being used.


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