The Universe at Work

Something dawned on me this morning, or more literally given that it was gone 7 AM and that this actually happened to my car rather than me, I realised something.

You cannot explain the universe. Much as many people spend years researching, analysing and coming up with theories you cannot explain it.

Religion may help plot your way through life by providing a belief system, or set of principles, to live by but it does not explain the universe. Much as you may pray to your god (if you have one) for good things to happen, and care to be taken of those you love, those good things don’t always come about. Giving credit when they do and believing there is a plan of some sort when they don’t just doesn’t cut it. The universe will do what it will do regardless.

What was it that caused dawn to break on me? 

Seagull crap.

You may have spotted (if not, do take a look, it's brilliant!) on my Instagram that I live beside the seaside where there are many, many seagulls, all of which have to dispose of those chips and ice cream they are given or take from tourists, or other food that they find themselves in bins, somewhere. Somewhere, quite frequently, is my car. Now admittedly it's not only my car, but at times it does seem as if mine is used as target practice, or is the wrong colour, or something else the universe has determined.

Anyway, recently I seem to have escaped quite lightly. My car is normally parked under cover or in a spot seagulls are yet to find, but yesterday it was out in the open all night. Exposed to the seagull airforce. It was inevitable, right? I would wake in the morning to find it splattered. No doubt in addition to the 'easy to wash off' runny stuff, there would be the more solid 'sets like concrete on paintwork' deposits. A full car wash would be required before heading off on the morning commute, right?

Wrong! Absolutely nothing. Zip. Zero.

I could not believe my luck. Obviously this was a once in a lifetime occurrence, but not being someone to complain(!) I hopped in to my untouched car and headed off on the morning commute. It was a lovely sunny day. Good tunes playing. A good day. Until, as I was driving along...

Seagull crap. Splattered all over the windscreen. A sizeable deposit! On closer inspection, when I parked up, it spread along the roof and over the boot. A comprehensive bombing raid. 

The universe at work.