The National Trust

I have not been a member of the National Trust for more than 20 years but have thought about rejoining a number of times recently. Fortunately, to save me from just thinking about it, my mother signed me up as a birthday gift this month and very grateful I am too. I even got a new hat (another birthday gift, thanks sis!!) to wear while I explore!

Two of the many joys of joining the National Trust again are 1: driving to locations in my convertible with the top down in the summer sunshine and 2: having the opportunity to take some photographs of some wonderful scenery and buildings. I had the chance to make the most of both joys this week.

None of these photos have been edited or enhanced at all, but they have all been square cropped just because…well, they fit the gallery neatly!


The Courts Garden, Wiltshire


Sheffield Park and Garden, East Sussex


This may be the first of many blog posts that, before now, I would have posted directly onto social media, but increasingly I am asking myself why. There’s all the data and security issues of course, but I have a website of my own. Why use another platform? I’ll explore this in future blog posts, but meanwhile enjoy the scenery.