Stuff. Why do we hang on to it?

Recently I've been of a mood to remove anything superfluous from my life. That sounds a little dramatic, but it really only (so far) concerns possessions.

I had a couple of days off recently and a spring clean was long overdue. To be honest a proper clean has been long overdue! Yes, I run the hoover over the place from time to time, but I'm not the best cleaner in the world!! If you can't see it it isn't there, right? Well, all of that caught up with me these few days.

I've had a busy time finding dust in corners I didn’t know existed and a painful back is a reminder of why I don't spend ages doing this kind of thing. Still, things look better for it. I’ve been ruthless as well. A formerly beloved, but latterly unused, leather jacket bought from Gap while on holiday in the USA thirty years ago which I was hanging on to for sentimental reasons has gone. I was never going to wear it again. Now, someone else can.

There was so much other stuff cluttering up my home; not just clothes but an old laptop, a Sky box, previous broadband routers. Why the heck did I keep them?!! I came across a signed first edition of ‘Possession’ by A.S. Byatt, a gift from a former girlfriend, who had also signed it. It’s gone to the charity shop.

I got rid of bin bags and boxes of stuff and yet I can’t really remember what much of it was now, and yet supposedly it was so important I had to keep it! Now, looking around, there is yet more I could clear out and it is very tempting to strip possessions right back to the minimum. Why keep them?

For now, I’m moving onto other things. Possessions can wait. More important is getting rid of the junk clogging up my life. This is all quite cathartic, but I have a long way to go.

If I’m perfectly honest I’m unhappy at work and unhappy in my home in such a way that is certainly weighing me down. That has to end. Just as I’ve already forgotten most of the things I’ve disposed of recently, I can do the same with my work and personal life.

We have just the one life. It’s ours to do with as we decide.

This was a start.

Now, I just need to draw the map to find the way out of here...