Story of a Photograph #2

This couple are regulars in a coffee shop I regularly visit and (I now realise) they always arrive separately but at the same times and sit in the same seats.

Before this dawned on me I made the mistake of sitting in one of “their” seats at the wrong time of day and soon felt her disbelief immediately when she arrived. Not that anything was said but she circled for a moment, as if that would transport me elsewhere somehow, before she sat in an unfamiliar seat nearby. When her companion arrived a short while later, as I was reading and enjoying my coffee by now somewhat uncomfortably, I felt that I should move. Again, nothing was said but it was dawning on me that this was their routine and I was thoughtlessly interrupting their happiness, so I retreated to another table as he was ordering their drinks and normality resumed.

I have since seen others make the same mistake, and somehow this couple always manage to claim “their” seats at some point. One by one we are all being trained!

Once they’re settled the paper comes out, the crossword is found, and their morning routine proceeds.

On this occasion I happened to to be sitting on a seat nearby and took this “under cover” snap.

I hope they don’t mind.


Coffee Shop Regulars