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You May Say I'm a Dreamer

I’m a child of the sixties, but I didn’t live the sixties lifestyle, my upbringing was very conventional, it was not spent in a hippie commune, but there is much of the cultural decade of the sixties in me.

The idea of love and peace is, for some unfathomable reason, derided as being “idealistic”. So?!! Are both not a worthy target to aim for? 

We all know that love isn’t a bed of roses but, if you’re fortunate enough to be or have been in love, you will know it is a time and experience to hold on to. Unfortunately, love is elusive, sometimes it seems it will never find you, sometimes it appears out of nowhere and stares you right in the face. When it ends it can turn to hate and recriminations, and yet we all want to be loved. 

So we can all agree love is a good thing.

Peace? Do we really even have to discuss whether we would prefer peace to war? War is fought by people for sometimes unfathomable reasons, for reasons lost in time as generations come and go. It can start through an accident of history, a simple misunderstanding, or a politician determined to make a mark or fearful of their future. It can be fought in the name of religion, or over a line in the sand. Whatever the reason, it invariably brings death, destruction, and untold misery for thousands and sometimes millions of people.

There is nothing good about war. 

So, at a time when fires are being built, restocked and stoked the world over encouraging division and argument, particularly over nations and nationalities, we really should be employing the attitude of ‘love and peace’ to try and put them out. After all, borders are only lines of division created by people, and people are not to be feared or demonised because they live an inch away from you on a map. 

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one so peace and love, peace and love.